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Time To Move Out Of Comfort Zone!!!

Publié par Duane Rosendahl sur 20 Juin 2016, 12:20pm

I've always dealt in trading stocks, and I'm pretty decent at it. I've lived comfortably for a while now and it's such a nice change from growing up poor and not being able to have nicer things or to have more fun. It makes you more appreciative once you do have more. I can also afford to give to the less fortunate, because that's where I used to be and I know how bad it can get. I use an Australian broker website to invest my money in stocks that has great information and is so easy to use.

They have a lot of things to read about that are very useful and up to date. I really love doing this for a living and I've become pretty passionate about it. It's important to have a career in something you're passionate about instead of being miserable with a job you hate and don't look forward to. I'm going to look into more long term stocks, invest in them, and then take a nice vacation. I think Florida looks good, and it's great that I can invest and watch things from my laptop wherever I go. I've been there before and it's so beautiful that I would like to visit other areas this time.

Next year will be California, which I hear is the ultimate experience in the states. I will have to do a lot of research on that state though, because it is so big it will take a lot of planning. I want to get it right and not miss anything. My mom is already excited at just the mention of it and I promised I would take her.

She's always wanted to go there and try to see celebrities, the vineyards, and the beautiful nature. I have to keep doing good, though!

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