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Needed Office Space!

Publié par Duane Rosendahl sur 2 Juillet 2016, 15:36pm

I started an appointment center business where I set up appointments for companies so they don't have to answer phones when they are busy. Sometimes I answer some questions their customers may have as well from the information the company gives me.

I knew I would need an office, so I rented a coworking space. It's quiet there and I can have the privacy I need and I have a private phone line as well. The internet speed is very fast, which works well for me since I also make appointments online when I'm not answering phones. They have a kitchen there too for me to keep my drinks cold or to make some coffee. I offer some other people who work there coffee too, just to be nice. I think I'm doing pretty well so when I get more clients, I'll have to rent out a real office with my own employees.

I've never done that before so it will be a little intimidating, but once it gets going, everything will be just fine. I want to be independent, self reliant, and be able to save a nice amount of money to be financially secure. The future is looking good!

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