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We Help Each Other

Publié par Duane Rosendahl sur 10 Juillet 2016, 12:51pm

My friend and I were talking yesterday. I have known her for two years and about a year ago, we started exercising together since we both wanted to be more fit. We don't have a lot to lose; maybe 10-15 lbs each one of us. It would be sweet to accomplish that, we thought: to be each other's support system. Some weeks we will walk fast or jog, swim or settle for a weight lifting session. Just whatever works, how we feel, or how the weather is.

She has looked up something interesting, though. See, I'm into the idea of losing on your own, the natural way, no matter what. However, my friend thinks that if you can take a supplement to help you along the way, that there is nothing wrong with that. I don't think there's anything "wrong" with that necessarily. She's brought the idea of Forskolin and now I'm looking into it too. I know it won't take the place of exercise and eating right, but I like to test my body with something like this.

On another note, how hard is it to resist pizza at an office party? Sometimes, not very easy, though sometimes extremely easy. It depends if I'm having cravings or not or if my blood sugar is dipping (if I've eaten well, I'm fine but if not, I fall prey to my mood swings!!!) I'm also thinking of purchasing a dumbbell set so when I wake up, I can spend 15 minutes working on my arms. Then, bam, I'm done?! I'm hoping that's how that will work, though I realize most people who have equipment at home can also feel lazy. We will see...

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