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Hipster-friendly tv trailblazer. Social media fan. Freelance creator. Food lover.

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  • Please DO NOT Drink & Then Drive...

    18 juin 2016

    When I was younger, I had a few DUI's and was considered a repeat offender. Most of the time I was pulled over not far from my house or shortly after I would leave a friend's party. I did have a bad drinking problem, and I should have never been driving...

  • Time To Move Out Of Comfort Zone!!!

    20 juin 2016

    I've always dealt in trading stocks, and I'm pretty decent at it. I've lived comfortably for a while now and it's such a nice change from growing up poor and not being able to have nicer things or to have more fun. It makes you more appreciative once...

  • Needed Office Space!

    02 juillet 2016

    I started an appointment center business where I set up appointments for companies so they don't have to answer phones when they are busy. Sometimes I answer some questions their customers may have as well from the information the company gives me. I...

  • We Help Each Other

    10 juillet 2016

    My friend and I were talking yesterday. I have known her for two years and about a year ago, we started exercising together since we both wanted to be more fit. We don't have a lot to lose; maybe 10-15 lbs each one of us. It would be sweet to accomplish...


    27 mai 2016



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